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From product design, engineering and optimization for series production, to the design of molds for injection of thermoplastics, aluminum or zamac.

Product Engineering

Mold Design


Mitech is a mold design office that provides engineering services in the area of thermoplastic, aluminum and zamac injection molds. It is a Portuguese company, based in Oliveira de Azeméis and whose main focus is based on engineering solutions: from the product – parts design and its optimization, to the design of the molds for series production.

Since Mitech is a company that provides services, we have the mission to propose the best solutions so that our clients’ success is ours as well. In this way, we comply with the standards and internal codes of the clients, so that the use of our services is an asset for you. As part of our commitment to efficiency and quality, we work with the best software, using internal methodologies that allow us to have great efficiency and quality.